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1Information URL Change on December 12th 2014, 3:24 pm


Way back a long time ago back in December of 2006 when this forum was first made we started with a small team of dedicated staff and a few members and used the domain of

It seemed like a reasonable name because the first 3 letters of the name stood for something much more. The first 3 letters were ELE ,which stands for "Extinction Level Event".

It grew fairly slow at first until and we had developed an enormous amount of visitors from various walks of life. Everyone was interested in the 2012 thing and what would happen and so were we.

After the 2012 thing did not happen we continued until the end of the 2013 and then archived most of our posts on here and closed down for a while. 

Then Ebola popped back up and from looking at the numbers it seemed very likely that this could very well be one of those theories that could possibly turn into a global emergency within a year.

Within less time than that it began spreading across Africa like wildfire and threatened to spread to the entire globe so in July of 2014 we re-opened and put links back up and a small number of historical posts that were made. 

Then we decided to change the name to DNG (doomngloom) but as one member put it, this name was extremely competitive with many other sites.  So after careful consideration we have changed the sites name back to its original name (elevent) and are happy to announce that our original domain (  is once again pointing to our forum here.  

I feel that the sites change back to its original name and use of the original domain name is a good change, but if anyone disagrees then be sure and let me know.

In the meantime, please remember to update your bookmarks to the new urls:

Also just a little note , Here is a couple snapshots what of our old forum looked like and a snapshot of what it appears like now Happy

Old Forum

New Forum

Lastly, please note that due to a bad domain provider that at this time our main domain can only be accessed by using a www with the domain name.


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