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Was anyone on Mars 35 years ago?

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1default Was anyone on Mars 35 years ago? on November 29th 2014, 5:43 am


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A woman called Jackie claims to have worked for NASA and has seen evidence from a Mars lander that there were humanoids on Mars 35 years ago.

Here is the link:

Now some of you will remember my thread here entitled 'Alternative 3'
(see thread: )

Where it was claimed that as far back as the 70's there were bases on Mars that were inhabited by 'specially chosen' individuals from Earth and that there was a huge Global Government cover-up!

So we ask the question once again, WHAT IS GOING ON?

and once again - over to you guys for your thoughts on this. Is she Crazy or not so Crazy? Is it one more piece of the puzzle? or is it just someone jumping on the bandwagon?


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2default Re: Was anyone on Mars 35 years ago? on November 30th 2014, 10:45 pm


I remember a long time ago there was suppose to be a teleport device which transported people from here to mars. It was said to be something like in the movie SG-1 (stargate). Many have claimed that such a device exists, and that colonies were setup on mars underground to avoid detection.
I can not remember the code name for it but it was rather interesting. Since the reports came out it was of course dubbed as a scam but if it were then why did the government not just keep it's mouth completely shut? Also, why would people be fighting the government in court to not reveal information (as they were court ordered not to say anything about whatever it was)


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