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1plague Ebola Archives on October 12th 2014, 4:59 am


This post is here as an archive of the Ebola outbreak.
It lists major and minor developments. You can view the events by clicking on the spoilers.

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All events before September 1 2014

August 31st 2014, 2:17 pm (CST)

Today's update brings a startling reality to just how bad this outbreak is becoming. How bad?  Police today raided a hotel in Lagos and are detaining 39 foreigners.  The full article can be read here
Sudan requests help from WHO while banning reporting on Ebola as people drop like flies in Eastern Sudan
Reports are coming in on Chad

August 27th 2014, 4:17 am (CST)

in the UK an infected healthcare worker is in a hospital in London.

August 4th 2014, 9:55 pm (CST)

Ebola spreads to Morocco

Moroco (article)

More cases appear in Senegal
Police raid hotels

Healthcare worker arrived in Germany for treatment

Worker exposed to Ebola flown back to USA for treatment

UK Healthcare worker arrives for treatment in London. Read the full article here

India on alert as fight carrying 100 passengers who were exposed to Ebloa arrived

Cases confirmed in Democratic Republic of Congo

UAE sees first case(added)

Kenya suspended flights to infected countries after being declared a high risk zone by WHO.
Kenya declared hi risk zone by WHO

Spanish Priest dies after using miracle seruml

Cases in Senegal and Uganda are confirmed.
Saudi Arabia - confirmed cases denied.

Germany agreed to start taking Ebola patients
Benin a country next to Nigeria has 2 confirmed cases

Saudi Arabia confirmed to WHO that its first case died. We are watching this area to see if any more infections occur.

September 2014


Scores affected in Dallas Texas

first diagnosed patient in USA. Not reported to public for 2 days

Health worker bitten by child with ebola flown to  Switzerland for treatment

September 18  2014

Health workers killed

September 16  2014  5:40am CST

Case in Malaysia not confirmed yet(not added)

September 15  2014  3:20am CST

Pakistan takes no measures to prevent spread

September 14 2014   9:40pm CST
Obama brings DOD into the picture

September 12 2014    6:02pm CST

Cuba puts world to shame with aid

Ebola in D.R. Congo spreads at alarming rate

September 11  2014   7:45am CST
Case in Australia tests negative (not added to map)

September 10 2014  6:13pm CST

Number of deaths  skyrockets to over 290 in a single day
This is over 10% of all deaths since the pandemic began.

September 8 2014 3:07pm CST

Case in South Korea not ebola (not added)
WHO reports that thousands of additional cases have show up and that the virus is now spreading exponentially.

September 6 2014   9:10am CST
Case in Austria not Ebola (cleared)
The outbreak in D.R. Congo is currently contained
UAE has not had any more cases in the last 20 days (placed on watch list for a few more days)
Reports in chad turned up false (removed)
Ebola continues to rage out of control in Sudan
Patients are being treated in USA, Germany
Patient in UK discharged

September 5 2014 10:20am CST
US doctor to come to Nebraska hospital for treatment.

South Korean health authorities said Friday they have quarantined a Nigerian national with high fever as a precautionary move as they check to see whether the person has been infected with the Ebola virus.

September  4  2014   10:20am CST *
Suspected case in Austria cleared(not added)
An Ebola patient goes wild and runs through a crowded market full of people. Check out the video here

September 3 - 12:40pm (CST)

Fist of all I"m making this post like an event log which will be updated as news and events become available.  For today's post another doctor has been infected who was no where near the isolation ward.  Evidence continues to mount that the virus has mutated into an even more virulent airborne strain. You can read the full article about the doctor here

September 2 at 9:58 am (CST)

Another quick update. Since Ebola has started ravaging the Eastern sections of Sudan it is now to the point that they have requested assistance from WHO in helping stop its spread after a case arrived in the Western part. Simply put, it is completely out of control in the Eastern section of the country. But this is only the beginning. It was aired on radio that people were dropping like flies on a daily basis (from Ebola) . It was not long before they responded by banning news media from reporting on it.

   The United Popular Front (UPF), a coalition of eastern Sudanese factions, and activists in the Red Sea state have reported a vast spread of the hemorrhagic fever throughout the state, while the state government has renounced to report about the case. The UPF political secretary, Daoud Mahmoud, told Radio Dabanga that haemorrhagic fever has alarmingly spread in Red Sea state, “but the state government and health authorities have imposed a blackout on the disease, which kills people in eastern Sudan on a daily basis”.  

October - December 29 2014


October has had some interesting highlights.
Cleveland closed its school down as a staffer notified them that they flew on the same plane as the infected nurse in Dallas.

The plane was taken out of service to be disinfected

Meanwhile prominent researchers declare that another strain of Ebola has mutated and became airborne.

October 20, 2014

Nigeria and Senegal declared Ebola free.

October 22 2014

Nigeria cleared (officially)
Uk taken off watch list and put on alert status

December 29 2014

Case confirmed in Glassgow (uk)

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2plague Re: Ebola Archives on December 29th 2014, 6:58 pm


January 1 2015 - March 31 2015

This post is a placeholder


it is the natural order for all things to come to an end
It is not a matter of if it is going to happen but when
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