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Forum Ranks

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1Ouch! Forum Ranks on September 1st 2014, 1:38 pm


Forum Ranks

Ranks are based on the amount of posts that a member makes and will automatically increase in bars as you progress to the next rank. Here is an overview:

Rank NamePostsAppearance
New Member1-9Forum Ranks 110
Jr Member10-24Forum Ranks 1010
Member25-149Forum Ranks 2510
Dedicated Member150-499Forum Ranks 15010
Senior Member500-2499Forum Ranks 50010
DNG Fanatic2500+Forum Ranks Superd10
FounderN/AForum Ranks Founde10
AdministratorN/AForum Ranks Admini10
ModeratorN/AForum Ranks Modera10
Retired StaffN/AForum Ranks Retire10
Nuclear WasteN/AForum Ranks Nuclea10
Global ModeratorN/AForum Ranks Modera10


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