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The Katipo

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1default The Katipo on August 24th 2014, 7:27 am



About The Katipo

This spider is a close cousin to the Australian redback spider. It also has a stripe down its back however, you will note by the image that it has diamond shapes in it.
This particular spider has several common names:

  • katipo
  • Red Katipo
  • Black Katipo
  • Night Stinger
  • New Zealand Redback

Recently it was discovered that the red and black katipo are of the same speicies and therefore it can be referred to as either latrodectus atritus (red katipo) or latrodectus katipo (black katipo).

Where is it?
It can be found in New Zealand.

How poisonous is it

Like all widows its bit is extremely venomous.


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2default Re: The Katipo on October 8th 2014, 3:12 pm


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i say avoid it. anyway possible.

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