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CDC says Take Airborne Precautions

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1default CDC says Take Airborne Precautions on August 7th 2014, 8:13 am


A little update to spice things up.  A lot of knew by the way it was spreading that it had became airborne , and although the CDC didn't want the public to know for fear that it would raise panic, they sent out a notice to medical and emergency personnel to "take airborne precautions when dealing with suspected Ebola cases" and of course, a few people got a hold of it Wink

I however differ with their belief that panic is not good in this case as the virus is 91% lethal and still has no cure. People should be scared of it but more importantly this information should not be quietly withheld from the general public as it is a lack of this kind of information that will cause the most damage. Especially when someone takes off their mask think they are ok when they actually are not.

------articles of Interest-------
Before it was news
This post on DNG contains all the links to the articles and videos that you will need to make your own decision

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