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Alternative 3

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1default Alternative 3 on August 4th 2014, 11:20 am


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Although originally uncovered and broadcast in the 70's and advertised as a hoax, was it?
There is speculation that various Governments have applied pressure to the broadcasters and media in order to portray the authors findings as a hoax and to discredit him.

Originally broadcast in 1977 and 'officially' denounced as a 'hoax'. But is it?

Much has been written about alternative 3 including a book. At the time of broadcast the public went wild demanding answers, so did the authorities 'order' the media to dismiss it as a hoax to placate the public? We will never know.

However some things do seem to tie in with what was broadcast at the time. And some of these things were not common knowledge at the time of broadcast in 1977.In fact some of the facts that the author purportedly 'uncovered', have since become more widespreadly known. However at the time, (1977) these facts would only have been known to a very small, select band of men.
So the question remains, how did the author uncover these facts at the time? are they genuine? or is it as the Government and media want you to believe, a complete hoax?

You decide.

So what is Alternative 3? let's take a look before we go any further.

It was claimed that scientists had determined that the Earth's surface would be unable to support life for much longer, due to pollution leading to catastrophic climate change. (Note that although it is common knowledge today, in 1977 this information would only have been available to top scientists - and then only maybe?)

The first alternative was the drastic reduction of the human population on Earth. The second alternative was the construction of vast underground shelters to house government officials and a cross section of the population until the climate had stabilised, a solution reminiscent of the finale of Dr Strangelove. The third alternative, the so-called "Alternative 3," was to populate Mars via a way station on the Moon.

The second alternative as most of us already know, is and has been taking place by various National Governments around the World. There are myriad secret underground facilities which are self sustainable for groups of 'important' people. Various reasons have been given by Governments for the construction of these facilities. But, as with most things the Government releases, these reasons are more probably a 'smokescreen' to detract from the real purpose of the facilities.

But it is alternative 3 that we are considering here.
We know for a fact today, (remember that in 1977 there was no internet and very little news coverage compared to what we have today) that there was and indeed to a lesser degree still is a 'brain drain' from the technologically advanced nations. Of course much of this is natural emigration and taking up more powerful roles, but some of these scientists seem to fade into oblivion or 'disappear'. Are they travelling to these 'colonies' in readiness for when their skills and knowledge may be needed?

Another point to consider is that during the fifties, sixties and seventies, there were numerous above ground nuclear tests by different Countries. The last above ground test occurred in 1980, a mere three years after the alternative 3 revelation.

Why is this significant you ask? Well radiation, when it hits atoms, alters the makup of those atoms, the theory goes that the hole in the ozone layer was and is a direct result of the above ground testing of atomic weapons. The loss of the ozone or even part of it would have catastrophic effects on all life on Earth. Was this fact part of the puzzle, alternative three believers uncovered at the time? This would explain the apparent quick fire denials that the broadcast was genuine, from both the media and Governments around the World at that time.

Other facts we know today but weren't so common knowledge then are the sighting by one of the Apollo astronauts of 'something' pacing alongside them on their return to Earth from the Moon landings. This conversation was picked up by amateur radio hams at the time who had tuned in to NASA's frequencies. Was this 'something' a cargo vessel taking supplies to the Moon for the colony there?

Just this week, it was released by NASA that they were 'testing' a flying saucer like craft. In fact flying saucer craft were developed, (or in the process of being so) by the Nazi's in the mid 1940's! Actual photographic evidence survives which proves this, along with text evidence. However since then, there has been no mention of flying saucer type craft being developed until this last week.

Have they been secretly developing them at Area 51? Maybe the Americans took the Nazi prototypes after capturing them and over the years worked on improving the technology in the secret skies around area51? If so it would explain quite a few mysteries over the years. Could they have improved these flying saucer craft to the extent that they are now able to fly directly from Earth to the Moon?

Think about it, NASA had the space shuttle active for many years, then suddenly pulled the plug, why? They had shuttles going up almost every week at the height of operations, they launched under the guise of 'conducting experiments'. Have they now run out of experiments to conduct? or are these 'experiments' now performed by the much improved flying saucer craft? I don't believe for one minute that all these launches were for 'experiments', sure some were, but I believe that they were sending supplies up to 'replenish' the colony(ies) on the Moon, and that these supplies are now being made in secret by the flying saucer craft that have been developed from the captured Nazi technology of the 40's.

The project wold be too big for one nation to fund by itself, multiple nations would need to allocate 'black funding' to a project this size, is that part of the reason why National Governments today have such huge deficits and debts? Have these Governments got more up to date information regarding the Earth's atmosphere that they haven't released for fear of panic or civil war? If that was the case, then they would have to accelerate their plans, spend more money more quickly, they would need to ensure that the Colony(ies) would be self sufficient. This could explain why, even with drastic 'austerity' cuts, governments debts are still rising at an alarming rate, and that no released budget can adequately explain where all Government revenue goes.

You have to make your mind up as to whether alternative 3 is real or is just another conspiracy theory. I know which way my mind is made up.

Below is a link to the wiki article on alternative 3. The wiki article was written many many years after the revelations and is very concise, it could have been subjected to heavy Government censorship? or only quoting the information that  various authorities will allow to 'leak out'. A much better picture of the whole alternative 3 scenario is to get a copy of the book and read it. I had the original book and I also have the Epub download, the Epub download spends a lot more time on making sure the reader is aware that it is 'a hoax' than the original hard copy book.
Again, is this by intervention of the Authorities to placate the general public?

In the original hard copy book the author mentioned that he couldn't get the book published by any publisher until he had made a compromise, that compromise was in the genre that he had to describe the book by. He claimed, but also said that, he had no proof Government censors were at work, were they? and are they still?

You Decide.

Link to wiki article: Click here

Link to Ebook download: Click here for link

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2default Re: Alternative 3 on August 8th 2014, 3:19 am


Although originally uncovered and broadcast in the 70's and advertised as a hoax, was it?
There is speculation that various Governments have applied pressure to the broadcasters and media in order to portray the authors findings as a hoax and to discredit him.

Originally broadcast in 1977 and 'officially' denounced as a 'hoax'. But is it?

This is most interesting. In fact the way you present this whole article is absolutely magnificent and brings up the most amazing points. The reality is that anytime a government agency elevates a topic to a level of discussion by responding then that in itself is a giant red flag for people to weigh the facts and information carefully.

Another amazing thing is that sometimes authors write things and release them in books, or tv shows to give the public a greater awareness of what is really going on as it is more often a lot easier than confronting shady government agencies head on who want nothing more than to shut someone up about something they want to hide.


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