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Nuclear weapons - Who has them

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1target Nuclear weapons - Who has them on August 3rd 2014, 10:50 am


Well this is an interesting topic to say the least that I'm sure everyone is dying to discuss. Just who has nuclear weapons or nuclear missiles? Lets start with the obvious nations.

Who Has Nuclear Weapons

All the nations below have nuclear weapons:
United States, Russia, China, North Korea, Pakastan, United Kingdom, France, India, Israel.

Who Was Given Nuclear Weapons

The following nations were given nuclear weapons by NATO:
Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and Turkey. It should also be noted that at one time weapons were shared with both Canada and Greece.

Who Didn't Want Them

These are the countries just did not want to have them and either dismantled them or gave them away to another country.
South Africa ,Belarus,Kazakhstan, Ukraine, India

It should be noted that India at one time dismantled its nuclear arsenal but has re-armed and has several mobile launchers with nuclear missiles that are capable of delivering a nuclear payload.


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