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1Ouch! F.A.Q. on July 29th 2014, 11:11 am


Setting Your Email Preferences

Q: Can I hide my actual email?
A: Yes. Hit the profile button on the top and go to board preferences.  

Setting Allow members to contact me by email to "no" will completely hide the email icon from other members on your profile and members will not be able to send you an email.

Setting Allow members to contact me by email to "by email client software" will show your actual email and allow other members to send you email.

Setting Allow members to contact me by email to "by website form" will allow other members to send you email via the forum but will hide your actual email.

Changing Your Username

Q: I signed up with a user name that I do not like. Can I change it?
A: Yes, so long as no one else is using the name you like. You can change your name by hitting the profile link.

Changing Your Email
Q: Can I change the email on my account?
A: If you need the email on your account to be changed please notify an administrator.

Member Status

Q: What is member status?
A: This is a little icon on your profile that tells you and other members how well you are doing on the board.  It normally has a happy face on it.  If the status shows an eye then its a moderator.  If it shows a yellow lightning strike then you might have got in a little trouble. A red lightning strike means you should be very careful not to get into any further trouble and a red triangle means that the member is banned for a small period of time. If a member's status has a nuclear waste icon then they have been permanently banned.


Q: Can I put my website on my signature?
A: Members are not allowed to put links on their signatures until they have at least 150 points.


Q: Do members earn points for posting?
A: Yes! Every time a member posts he or she gets points. You get more points for starting topics than replying to them and also you get more points for posting in forums that are important to our community. The more important the forum is that you post in the more points you will receive.  For example, you will get more points for posting in the plague or nuclear section than you would if you posted in the off topic section. Members can also receive points for donating things to our community like avatars,signature banners, and artwork.


Q: What are the ranks here?
A: For information on ranks please see this post

How To Embed Youtube Videos
Q: how do I put youtube videos on my posts?
A: The process is fairly simple.
1. copy the url at the top of the page in your browser
2. hit the video link
3. paste the link where it says url and press ok.
4. submit your post Happy
5. To make the video look nice go back and edit your post and in between the parenthesis change the values to 600,494. This will make the video appear larger in the post.

How To Embed Google Videos
1. copy the url at the top of the page in your browser
2. Now that you have the url copy everything between the "docid=" and the "#" character.
3. hit the add video button
4. paste what you copied in step 2 into the little box using control+V or by right clicking on the mouse and pressing paste
5. preview your post to make sure that you got the correct video document id pasted.
6. Once you have previewed your post and made sure you got the right video document post as usual
7. Now to make it pretty go back and edit your post and in between the parenthesis to 600,494. This will make the video appear nice and large in the post.

Subscribing To Entire Forums
Q: Can I subscribe to entire forums?
A: You can subscribe to entire forums by clicking on a forum and going to the upper right hand of the page. There you will find some text that says "Forum Options". Simply click the down arrow below the text and then click "start watching forum".  Likewise you can completely stop watching an entire forum by clicking on "stop watching forum"

Reporting bad links
Q: Who should I tell about a bad video link?
A: If you happen to find a dead video link please notify the poster so that they can edit their post and hopefully provide an alternate link. If the post has not been fixed in a week or so then please notify a moderator or administrator.


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